Good Beer Map Pa.

When I first contemplated doing this 40/40, I ran off a list of Pennsylvania Microbreweries and discovered that Central Pa (the 717 area code) had more Microbreweries within it than any other area code. I got to thinking that this trek was doable as that gave me a home field advantage of sorts. Must be the Germanic stock. We Central Pennsylvanians are a lot more German culturally than we realize…the work ethic, the conservatism, the meat and potatoes, etc. The Beer. Umm, did I mention the Beer? Oh yeah, don’t forget the Beer.

See the map below of Good Beers in Pa.

I am focusing specifically on “Beers Brewed on the Premises.” A couple of things are obvious from looking at the map. Most of the Microbreweries are in Central to Eastern Pa. That is a good thing because the MB are within an hour or two of my domicile. I don’t plan to drink much beer on my visitations, just a sample and then one full-sized pint of what I liked the best. Moderation, for a lot of reasons, is the best policy. Click on the map to go to the website where you can view a larger picture of this map and get additional information. Plan to head to Triumph Brewery today in New Hope. Straight up 611 from the rough inner city of North Philadelphia to the artsy and GLBT capital of Pa.


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