Spring House Brewery

Spring House appears to be a converted barn that now has udders of a different kind…ales not milk below. This place is quintessential Lancaster County. The ales are excellent and have creative a locally-meaningful names. Check out the website link to the right for some review of the nomenclature. Up on the above the udders, the second floor looks like a beer fort. Kind of a Honeycomb Hideout for mostly boys to hang out and chill.  Spring House has beer bottles up on the exposed rafters, creating a veritable Shangri-La of Suds. These brew dudes are doing good work. Maybe I am like Paula Abdul and am gonna like every place I go to. We can thank mainstream brews for setting the bar literally so low that a couple of guys in little old Conestoga, Pa, can kick their beers in the ribs taste-wise. See pic of the Beer Barn below:


One response to “Spring House Brewery

  • ericbierker

    I did a little more research on what a Spring House is:


    Makes sense. And, if it is from Wikipedia, it has to be right….

    OK, so Spring House is not a former barn in all likelihood which blows my essay to bits (with the cow and udder analogy to beer and brewing). I am too weary to rewrite. I stand self-corrected but will let the original stand as is.

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