In my 40/40 travels, I  have seen this Brew-Magic brewing system in several of the microbreweries. From what I have learned, it is used to standardize the brewing process and provides a high degree of consistency from batch to batch. Some microbreweries are using this as their brewing system. Larger microbreweries use it more to test new recipes without having to fire up the big equipment and waste energy, time, and supplies. From what one of the microbrewers told me, Sam Calagione of Dogfish Head Ales started out on one of these beauties and still uses it now to test new recipes. He is willing to push the envelope taste-wise and I am sure that Brew-Magic is a fine piece of equipment for the maestro to compose with and to ferment his brews’ muse. The Brew-Magic system is the brewers equivalent of a Steinway Piano.

Just a note…I have a lot of posts waiting like beer in a keg. I am more in the consumption phase right now and continue to hit one microbrewery a day. A week into 40/40, I am on schedule with a full week of visitations on tap. I will get back to more writing as the week continues. As it is Memorial Day, toast Vets as you drink a beer today. Better yet, have a brew with a Vet. Memorial Day is considered the unofficial first day of summer…let us remember that there were many young men who never got to the summers of their lives…to be with their families and friends on this day and enjoy a cold one or two.  Rest in Peace, soldiers.


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