ABC: Trail of Pictures

Tonight I visited the flagship Appalachian Brewing Company in Harrisburg. I had “hopped” down to the satellite in Gettysburg last Friday and that is still on the dock to be launched writing-wise. It will be part of the Hop initiative. Since I have been wordy in my last couple of posts, tonight it is mostly pictures with a few words to give my take on it all. It will follow the order of outside, to entrance, to enjoying the brew…like ABC.

First, the picture of the outside:

I will have you know that I put at risk life and limb to cross Cameron Street to take this picture. It is an impressive building that reeks of industrial power and architectural manliness. This building was not built in a week.

Next up, bags o’ Malt. These ain’t no tea bags. We are talking some major heft here:

You will see the volume of malt needed in a minute…just hold on. It is coming…

3536 gallon fermenting tanks? Yowza, that is a lot of brew. There are at least ten of these big boys within the facility. We are talking the TMI of brewing here (without the radioactivity).

Sat right in front of the dual tap system. Sorry that the picture in blurry…I was just so darn excited I couldn’t keep my hands from shaking…

Impressive, yes?

Now for the cool  artsy culturally-hip reference:

These are ABC minions hauling those Malt bags to the TMI Brewing tanks out in the back parking lot. It helps in a Beatlesque vibe that I have been listening to the Beatles “1” CD on 40/40 for the last week. The Abbey Roade Belgian-styled Ale was number one on my list tonight. What is it about those Beatles that made them so good? What is about those Belgians?

The Appalachian Brewing Company Picture Trail has come to an end. A great night at a place that does everything right. Great brews, great space, great food. I love ABC, yeah, yeah, yeah. And with brews like this, you  know that it can’t be bad…ABC, it is number one thus far on my chart….I shall hike it again soon.


One response to “ABC: Trail of Pictures

  • Quinn

    You’re in my neck of the woods – glad you enjoted ABC.

    On behalf of the Pennsylvania Tourism Office, we’d love to promote your journey. Would you be able to send us your schedule so we know where you’re headed?


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