Heading Down to Philly

My wife and I are heading down to Philly for both work and play.

Her visit is mostly work and a some play, mine is some work and mostly play. I know that it is not fair. I will be meeting with some important people at Temple University about college retention and graduation issues, particularly what high school counselors can do to increase the success of students in college. It was the focus of my doctoral studies. I am also excited that we will be in the city during Philly Beer Week.

“Hundreds of events and thousands of beers?”

Generally, I don’t like so much talk about math but the topic is so compelling. Gimme some homework! It is not exactly a coincidence that we will be in town during Beer Week but it did work out quite nicely on several fronts. Although I am really excited about the Temple meeting and Beer Week, I am rather depressed thinking about the sure to be slow commute down the Schuylkill Expressway tomorrow morning. Slow and painful, like removing a hang-nail. Should be called the Schuylkill Vexway. Sorely vexed, as the King James Bible might say.

My high school students’ Commencement and colleagues’ Retirement Party is Thursday, and a close friend gets married on Saturday with the Rehearsal Dinner being on Friday night. So 40/40 is being put on the back burner for a couple of days. Yes, some things are more important than beer, much more important than beer. Although I really love beer, I don’t do so unconditionally.  Because we will be down in Philly, and have a real busy rest of the week, I don’t expect to be able to blog for 40/40 until Friday sometime.

Since I know that people are reading my blog, I wanted to give everyone a head’s up.

Talking about head’s up and heading to Philly, here is a head for ya. We hope to get here:

Nodding Head is on Samson Street somewhere,  close to the hotel. I know, kind of scary. He looks a little too happy. Excuse the 453 X 435 equation. When I pulled the moving graphic from the website, I think this happened. I am not smart enough to figure out why so I will let it be. More math…eeeks.



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