Back from Philly

Well, we are back from Philly!

On Wednesday when I was making the rounds of the microbreweries and the other sites of Philly, it was wet and cold.  Geez, February again? Started to feel a cold coming on. So, I put my ball cap on to keep my head warm with my dress shirt, khakis, and dress shoes–so I probably looked like a dork. But, I decided a long time ago that I would rather not be cold rather than look cool. Although, I was tempted to leave the hat behind so that I would look more fashionable.

I had to be more dressed up rather than less because I was meeting my wife, her co-workers, and two consultants for dinner at Bridget Foy’s Philly Food (upscaled)  and Philly-area Beer Pairings and didn’t want to look like a cad/slacker.  My wife is the food critic so I will let her do what she does best and do the review of the dinner.  I really enjoyed it…but I am no culinary expert. But then again, I am hardly an authority on beer…and that has not stopped me from 40/40.  But, I know more now than when I started.

Yesterday in Philly was quite a bit nicer. Sometimes, weather-wise, Pennsylvania is naughty and sometimes it is nice. So, I had a full pint of both meteorologically-speaking. I also got around to several fine beer venues. Reviews to follow of:

Boxcar Brewery (that was before Philly), Berwick Brewing Company (also before Philly), and Nodding Head, Triumph, Eulogy (not technically a Pa. Microbrewery but I just could not resist as it was right across from Triumph), and Manyunk Breweries (all Philly).

Yes, I have been busy. It is kind of making me thirsty. I think I am going to run to my local favorite Lancaster Brewing Company to enjoy one of their award winning Milk Stouts. Saw this yesterday in the Philly Beer Scene Mag:

Look under the bottles. Local brew done good. Figures it would have something to do with cows and milk. Check out Beer Scene Mag’s Best. Several Central Pa. microbrewries got awards.  We ain’t just a bunch of Amishmen up here, yo. You can tell I am from the Philly-area…I used “Yo” a lot.

Hope to have some blog entries on-tap served cold tomorrow.


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