Heading to Minneapolis

Heading to the land of ice and snow and three weeks of summer: Minneapolis. My wife used to live in Minneapolis while working for General Mills–we have an array of cereal stuffed animals/characters  in our library that she holds dear.

We are in town for close friends who are getting married…to each other, which makes the visit convenient.

The 40/40 tour is going quite well. I am now at brewery 26, 25 down, 15 to go. We are going to get ‘er done. Reviews of Lancaster Brewing Company, Earth Bread and Brews, McKenzie Brewhouse, Rock Bottom Brewery and Restaurant, Selinsgrove Brewery, and Old Forge Brewery, to follow. I have visited all of these establishments but did not have the time to write the reviews yet. There is a balance, like between malt and hops, between visitation/consumption and reflection/writing, that I need to find.

We will be back in good old Lancaster, Pa. on Tuesday. Then, 40/40 visitations and blogging will resume. Pittsburgh/Western Pa. are on tap for the days of June 23 to June 26. I am going to visit about 9 breweries in all during these days. Quite looking forward to it and seeing my brother and his family who live out in the Steeler nation. Don’t think I will be hanging out with Ben R. That dude is bad news. Don’t want to see 40/40 besmirched by loutish and perhaps even criminal behavior.

Philly is on tap for the July 4th weekend. The rest of the days remaining not covered by Pittsburgh or Philly, are day trips. Locals in Lancaster are welcome to join the 40/40 juggernaut at Swashbuckler and Stoudts in the afternoon/evening of Thursday, July 1. I left some local ones for last…or close to it. Figured I might be dragging a bit at the end.

We are well on the way. While out in Minneapolis, we plan to visit Townhall Brewery. It is supposed to be one of the top 100 in the world.


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