Heading Out to Pittsburgh!

Steeler Nation, here I come, Lord willing! Have to love how serious Pittsburgh takes its football.

I enjoy watching the Eagles but it is hardly possibly to even speak of an Eagles Nation. Maybe a Duchy?

I have been committed since the beginning of the 40/40 Brew Tour to explore microbreweries across the entire state of Pennsylvania (with a few days of respite for a wedding in Minneapolis where we were able to go to two microbreweries!).  To get to 40 microbreweries I pretty much had to do this on the whole. But, there have been several times where I could have avoided a visitation and still hit my 40. Erie is one of such places. It is as far as any spot in my 40/40 travels but I think it important to get there, to drink beer, and to blog about the experience.

A Pittsburgh newspaper has picked up the 40/40 story and I will be meeting up with the reporter out there on Thursday night.  As usual, I am going to leave my computer behind and blog when I return.The balance between drinking and writing are always in tension. I tend to write one blog a day as to give that microbrewery its day in the sun, so to speak. Maybe some of the places feel a little sunburned as I am hardly one to avoid critique if I think it is called for. Yet, I do try to be positive. No one ultimately loves a critic. We all know it is easier to find flaws than to find the good. I try to write about more than just beer, since I am hardly a beer Zymurgist: n/; a scientist who studies the chemical process of fermentation in brewing and distilling; also, by extension, a brewer.

I have several visits that I still need to write about but I do have all of the Philly Beer Week pieces finished and that feels good.

I will hopefully be back in Lancaster on Saturday. Going to a German-American Day in Warminster on Sunday.

And then we resume microbrewery visitations next week and finish up in Philly on July 4th. A lot of the breweries down in Philly only have tours on Saturdays. Still trying to get in a visit up to the Poconos next week.

So, what are my plans after 40/40? Return to work and to reality. Thanks to my wife for all of her support of this endeavor. I plan to try my hand at homebrewing at the conclusion of 40/40 and possibly consider opening my own microbrewery down the road. Pursuing good beer is never a bad thing to do.

See you sometime Saturday!


4 responses to “Heading Out to Pittsburgh!

  • Pat Wood

    Sounds like you’ve got quite the full plate ahead of you! Best of luck and I look forward to hearing the reviews. Also I cannot support you enough in your decision to homebrew / microbrew. I’m on a home brew hiatus at the moment as I’m moving around a bit this summer, but once I’m settled down long enough to brew I’m going to start back up again and I definitely would love to open a microbrewery down the road, a good life goal I’ve always thought. Why drink some good beer when you could be drinking and sharing YOUR good beer.

  • ericbierker

    Hey, thanks for the good words. It is always to great to get feedback, especially positive feedback! I support your thoughts 100%!!!

  • Pat Wood

    Haha, thanks! Always glad to give positive feed back esp. when it’s so well deserved.

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