Dock Street Review Friday

I will be doing my review of Dock Street Brewery on Friday sometime.

Discretionary time is less now that the Sabbatical has concluded. I loved being on Sabbatical to finish my Dissertation and Ph.D. I just concluded all of the last paperwork at Temple and should receive the actual diploma in 4-6 weeks. My wife is planning to throw a birthday party, Oktoberfest, and Graduation Party all at once around 10/11 (probably the weekend before).  Suggestions for beers? Send em my way!

Highlighting the evening will be putting on the plate on my car. In the duration of my doctoral studies (8 years), I was on the receiving end accident-wise of two different hit-and-run drivers in Lancaster City, Pa. Both of whom decimated a Temple University license plate in the process. So, I will put on a third. I am not too happy with the Lancaster City Police Department at the present time. They gave us wrong advice, then they denied it, that then turned out to be right after all. In the two months it took them to get their act together, the owner of the vehicle (she was not driving) denied all knowledge of who could have hit our car. The Lt. on the case then decided to move onto other issues without telling me.

Since I was on the ropes with my studies (my advisor had died), I had to stop being the only party involved in this incident who seemed to want to see it resolved justly  in order to not get sidetracked further. City life is an amalgamation of some of the best and worst of the human experience. I both love and hate city life. And the top hate of mine is crime, second is grime. On the plus side, I love multi-culturalism (and the food that goes with it) and the art and music scene.

I am officially back at work and spent all the day cleaning out and organizing my office. I am not one for clutter. I like things to be put away and have serious anti pack-rat tendencies. It is kind of like dwelling on the past to hold onto things.  So, I am letting go of the hit and run accident with the police malfeasance  and let it drift from my memory.  Good to remember the good things, good to forget the bad (without losing the lesson).


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