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Bad Beers

Bought two cases of empty 16 oz. Stegmaier Gold Medal bottles at the beer distributor awaiting the Belgian homebrew bottling. The bottles are brown and thick-glassed like Poindexter’s glasses. Apparently during second fermentation, thin bottles can crack and explode. Made me reticent in trying to use the modern beer bottles. The Stegmaier Gold Medal beer did win some international awards when Teddy Roosevelt was president (noted on my bottles).

My original idea of using Mason Jars to bottle was not a good one. Some writer on the web pointed out that Mason Jars operate in a vacuum, precisely the opposite effect I am attempting to inculcate. In carbonation, the lid would be pushed away from the jar, not towards it.  Duhness.

A couple of ironies here. Stegmaier was a pretty awful beer back in the day. I am hoping that this is not a bad omen about the quality of my beer. Certainly could be no worse. Bottom-feeder as it was. Second, at $ 5 apiece per case, I am sure that I paid more for empties than poor suckers paid for fulls. Or, am I the poor sucker?  Gee, I hope there is no lead in the glass…apparently the Romans had lead in their cups and plates–one theory about what contributed to their downfall.

Found postings about people commenting about the worst beers ever. Funny…


Bye-Bye Buying Belgian Brews

I know, I know. I haven’t posted a blog in weeks, breaking rule # 1 about blogging: To put interesting, informative, and fresh content up on a consistent basis. I have been busy with my job…and that comes before blogging about beer.

Yesterday, I went to my off the beaten path beer distributor here in Lancaster that has a good selection and generally good prices. Yet, I got a sticker shock. Since I last bought a litered case (12pk/25.4 oz. (750 ml) Corked Bottles) of  Ommegang Dubbel it was about $55. Yesterday, the price had jumped to $70 plus, all in the last four months. The Three Philosophers was $90! Methinks that Ommegang lured me in with lower than Chimay pricing then thought that they could reel me in as a steady customer at the new pricing. No such luck. I am snapping the line.

I had planned to do Homebrewing anyway of Belgian. From a kit, I can make twice the amount of beer for even the prior price. Yet, yesterday was a kick in the shorts to to get the process underway so I bought a brew kit with equipment. I don’t plan to try and duplicate good beers where I work for hours to produce a brew that I could have bought in a store for less. That is a stupid hobby at best. No, I am aiming high. I want to high-end Belgians ultimately with all organic and home-grown ingredients. It will be a step-by-step process, kind of a sip and a step at a time.