Bye-Bye Buying Belgian Brews

I know, I know. I haven’t posted a blog in weeks, breaking rule # 1 about blogging: To put interesting, informative, and fresh content up on a consistent basis. I have been busy with my job…and that comes before blogging about beer.

Yesterday, I went to my off the beaten path beer distributor here in Lancaster that has a good selection and generally good prices. Yet, I got a sticker shock. Since I last bought a litered case (12pk/25.4 oz. (750 ml) Corked Bottles) of  Ommegang Dubbel it was about $55. Yesterday, the price had jumped to $70 plus, all in the last four months. The Three Philosophers was $90! Methinks that Ommegang lured me in with lower than Chimay pricing then thought that they could reel me in as a steady customer at the new pricing. No such luck. I am snapping the line.

I had planned to do Homebrewing anyway of Belgian. From a kit, I can make twice the amount of beer for even the prior price. Yet, yesterday was a kick in the shorts to to get the process underway so I bought a brew kit with equipment. I don’t plan to try and duplicate good beers where I work for hours to produce a brew that I could have bought in a store for less. That is a stupid hobby at best. No, I am aiming high. I want to high-end Belgians ultimately with all organic and home-grown ingredients. It will be a step-by-step process, kind of a sip and a step at a time.


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