Christmas Quad

Today my buddy and I, he a plumber and musician, me–a writer and philosopher–join forces like Superfriends to brew a Belgian Quad. It is always good, whether in  any type of relationship, to find complementary skill sets. It is also good to share some skills as to not tick each other off due to incompetence if two are needed on the same task.

I brewed a Belgian Dubbel solo a couple of months ago. Either it was dumb luck, intuition, or just following the directions, but the Dubbel turned out fantastic. A lot of work but at about 45 dollars for 50 12 oz. bottles of Belgian Dubbel is a price where the labor saves big dollars. I would spend at least $ 100 at a distributor, if not more, for the same amount.

The Quad will be available around Christmas. I wouldn’t put it in a stocking, though. The bottle will just to too heavy to not rip the stocking off of the hearth. Better to put it under the tree. The Christmas Quad…making spirits bright.





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