Quad Update

My buddy and I had a great time brewing yesterday. He brought some tasty pipe tobacco and taught me the fine art of packing a pipe. First, pack like a boy with a pinch. Then pack the second pinch like a woman (softer). And then, pack the last pinch like a man. I know that this probably sounds chauvinistic. But then again, I don’t know many women who smoke a pipe.

As good as those leaves were, we had another issue with leaves yesterday not as pleasant. Some leaves came off of a tree and fell into our boiling wort and then fragmented like glass. I spent a good fifteen minutes trying to fish the leaves out with a strainer. Some of the fragments are just going to be part of the spicing. I hope it ain’t toxic.

The Quad is bubbling away upstairs. I didn’t realize that Quads need to be fermented at a higher temperature than the Dubbels–68 t0 72 degrees. So, it is in the spare bedroom closet, sitting in a large plastic tub. The basement is just too cool. Better for lagering. The yeast got off to a roaring start and fermentation is in full force as we speak. Sugar is like jet fuel I suppose…and there is more sugar in the Quad wort than in a Kellogg’s Frosted Flakes box. Or, Sugar Smacks (have to love the name). I don’t even know if that stuff is still on the market.

When it comes time to bottle, I am going to have to think about what to do because the second fermentation in the bottles also has to be at a higher temperature than the basement. The problem is that the bottles could explode if I don’t keep within the parameters. That will put my beer-making out of commission. My wife will become like the Feds during Prohibition shutting down Moonshiners. Flaming Molotov Cocktails is the only thing I think of that would be worse bottle-wise than exploding Belgian Quad bottles.

All in all it was a great late Fall day. We drank one beer apiece all day. I love moderation. With good beer, you don’t have to drink a lot of it to derive enjoyment.  Like term papers, quality and not quantity.


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