Stoudts Winter Ale

For the second Friday night in a row, I decided to step up and buy another case of a microbrew. Still refining my beer drinking pyramid: Homebrewing high-end-Belgians, drinking microbrews when out on the town and at friends, and consuming Yuengling Lager or another Yuengling brew at home.  On the domestic front, just trying to save a little money.

We are still enjoying the Troeg’s Anthology series from last Friday. Last Friday night was unseasonably warm, in the 70’s, here in Central Pa. Since then, the temps have dropped back below freezing and we got some more snow.  So, we are firmly back in winter for a spell.

It made sense then to get some Stoudts Winter Ale with Old Man Winter blowing his cold breath. A general rule of thumb for beer drinking beer is the colder the weather, the stronger the beer…in most cases, literally, Ales.

Lagers just lack the warming power. The Stoudts Winter Ale does pack a wallop of taste…it is pretty hoppy but not egregiously so. Hops can sometimes be too prevalent in beers so that is all that is tasted. Kind of like wasabi and sushi.  Too much wasabi and one might as well be chomping down tuna fish from a can and rice from Uncle Ben, rather than the hundred dollar meals that are pretty typical for sushi. Brews should have a see-saw type of tension between the bitterness of the hops and the sweetness of the malt. Unless, of course, you are intentionally going for an IPA profile taste. In that case, the bitterer, the betterer.

This Stoudts brew is just right for a cold night…get some while you can.




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