Field Trip to St. Boniface

Ah, remember school field trips? A day off of school, hanging out with friends, and eating ice cream sandwiches upon return to school.

My favorite place to go for a field trip was always the Philadelphia Zoo.  I still feel bad about feeding a large cardboard Cracker Jack box to the old elephant and him chomping away on it. Not admirable to be mean to animals.

Well…today my wife and I are heading up to the newly-opened St. Boniface up in Ephrata. I worked in the Ephrata School District for a year, about the worse year in my professional life ever. God redeemed the town for me by my attending church at Reformed Presbyterian for about a decade afterwards.

It is important for married couples to do fun stuff together and I am blessed to have a wife who likes good beer. She actually introduced me to Belgians. But, the student is now more learned than the teacher.

Now with the microbrewery in town, I might even relish further a return to Cloister-land. Search for St. Boniface on Facebook and “Like” ’em. Next week I will post about the experience.  I am heading to a barbecue this evening with some buddies and I plan to bring a growler of St. Boniface plus some of my Homebrewed Belgian Quad.  Getting ready to brew some Wit once the weather warms up.



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