On Monday, March 14, I was driving up to school and was listening to a segment on NPR about a musician who put 3.14 or Pi to music. It was interesting.

I started to do some calculating on my own. Hmmm…how about drinking 3.14 beers somewhere tonight? Yet with whom? My buddy Tom came immediately to mind. He loves Math and Great Beer. He even has Pi 3.14 as part of his email address. Now, that is hard core.  He was the natural choice.  Iron Hill-Lancaster was the classroom. The beer, the blackboard. Time to solve some equations!

So, I started off with The Costanza (above), a Rye Beer, inspired by George himself who apparently had a penchant for Pastrami and Rye. No bits and piece of pastrami in the brew but it nailed the rye part. Fantastic…like Rye Bread, it is spiced with some caraway seeds. Poor Jason Alexander, he will never escape the George character.  I was never really a fan of Seinfeld. Although I do think Kramer is one of the great loony characters in all of TVdom, along with Jim from Taxi.

Next in line, # 2, was the Dortmunder (below). I have wondered about the long tall glass for quite some time. The tall glass is aesthetically-elegant and functionally-appropriate for a crisp clean taste with the carbonation level of the Dortmund-style beers. Here is some background on the history of the Dortmunder beer style. History comes alive with this review of pubs in Dortmund, Germany.

Iron Hill does a great job with properly serving their beers in anatomically correct glasses. One size does most definitely not fit all. Here is a informative tutorial on beer and glassware .

Being served in next week’s Saturday blog, are the last two beers enjoyed on 3/14: Bonzai and Barleywine. Unlike the obnoxious characters from Seinfeld (that is one trait that all of the characters shared from what I could discern), this cast of beer characters were quite pleasing. It has even made me a little more affectionate towards mathematics.


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