Iron Hill Brewery-Pi 3.14 Beer (Pt 2)

As promised, here is the second part of the review of Iron Hill-Lancaster on 3/14 where my mathematically oriented buddy and I drank 3.14 beers…clever chaps that we are.  It is getting to be almost two weeks now. On tap for next week, Spring House’s Tap Room in downtown Lancaster.

The third beer I had this night was the Bonzai (above). It is a Belgian Saison and spiced with the kitchen’s secret Asian spices. Reminds me of the Calgon ad…”Ancient Chinese secret, eh?” Most of you all are probably too young to remember that TV commercial.

Used to be when I watched TV, I was younger than most of those on the box…now I am the elder.  Pretty soon I will be standing with the Pa. State Lottery official at the drawing. No, I won’t. Although I am getting to be old enough for AARP membership, I can’t stand the Lottery (the stupid tax) or the state owning liquor stores. How the government got into the numbers and booze like the Mafia is peculiar.

I asked our server, before I had a chance to review the I.H. website, whether the Bonzai had Asian spicing because I had thought I had read something about it previously on the Iron Hill Facebook post. She seemed flummoxed and noted that there was another brew that had that spicing but not the Bonzai. That was a little bizarro…you know, kind of a tip off with the name of the beer being Japanese and all. Fortunately, this beer was not small in stature. Excellent!

Bonzai trees are amazing things. Several years ago, when my wife and I were in Montreal for a vacation (in the summer) we went to some Japanese Gardens and it was cool to see trees 75 years old, fully mature, but like  less than a foot tall.   Sort of freakish.

I also watched a documentary about how  Saki is made. Almost a religious ritual…that night, my wife and I went out for some awesome sushi and warm Saki. I commend Montreal for a visit. We have to get back…it is the most bike friendly city I have ever ridden around in. All week that we were there, we didn’t use the car once. Off course, the car was parked like 50 stories below our hotel.

But speaking of small, I finished out the evening with a small sample glass of the Barleywine. Nice…almost like sweet cognac.

I wanted to give it some scaling, so I brought into the pic the Dortmunder. It was kind of like my buddy and me. He is on the smaller size, I am a white man Watusi. This Barleywine has almost 10% alcohol by volume which definitely packs a warming wallop. It was a perfect Apertif even though it was after the other beers and not with a meal. So, it really wasn’t an Apertif…but it is cool word. I make no sense sometimes. Plus, it is 1:14 am Sunday morning and I plan to go to 8:00 Church in about 7 hours.

Iron Hill Brewery has it all. Great beer, cool styling and architecture, and good food (not great, but better than  most microbreweries). Be prepared to lighten your wallet though. 3.14 beers, with the tip, cost $ 20.00. When I think that for twice that price, I can homebrew four cases of Belgian Dubbel, with some sweat equity, I know someone is raking in the gold.

So be it…better to them than Bud. Although the price ain’t Bonsai small, I do enjoy getting to Iron Hill every so often. It is a good experience all-around.


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