George Washington, Father of the Brewnited States of America

The New York Library recently has publicized the beer recipe of George Washington. 30 gallons of homebrew? Now, that is enough beer to keep the Continental Congress libations going while debating issues of independence from Britain in Philadelphia! Yards Brewery makes a rendition of this recipe that it is served down at the City Tavern Restaurant, a replica both in style and food of a Colonial Era establishment. The place is quite nice and not at all hokey and touristy.  The brew, as I remember, was quite good….befitting the Father of our country.

Philly Beer Week this year is June 3-12.  It is the premier beer event in the United States yearly. Last year, during my 40/40 Tour, Philly was crucial in accomplishing my goal. I happened to be there during Beer Week. Longer than a week but who is counting. Along with Pittsburgh in late June, I was able to hit several breweries in a day for several days to get the job done.  And it did become a job of sorts…although it was hard to try and garner sympathy from others concerning the arduous task of hitting 40 Pennsylvania Microbreweries in 40 days.  Not exactly times that try men’s souls.

Besides drinking good beer all over Pennsylvania, meeting cool people, listening to a collection of my favorites CD’s while on the road, and reconnecting with family and friends joining me on the journeys, one reality became apparent in the microbrewing movement. It is a reaction to the hegemonic homogeneity of neutered big brews. Frankly, these sovereigns put out a poor product and treat men like morons….expecting that we will continue to drink sucky beer because that is what the sexy girl in the commercial wants us to do.  I am enough of a Contrarian to refuse to drink the carbonated Kool-Aid.   I will watch your stupid commercials and it will have no effect on my purchasing…my George Washington’s are going elsewhere whenever and wherever possible. I am declaring Independence. Don’t tread on me.


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