Hombrew You

After concluding my 40/40 Beer Tour last summer, which was like an extended research field trip on good beer, I was itching to try and brew some of my own. Chances are of the people who will ever read this blog are already brewing their own beer…and a good deal of them know more than I do. Me brewing three times from a kit no more makes me an expert than a dude who makes three cakes from a Betty Crocker Cake Mix is a craft-like cake maker.

For those who have brewed before know that homebrewing is hardly rocket science..and for those who have not, be assured that if you can read and follow directions, you too can brew. And, you will probably make a decent beer, a good beer, as long as you abide by the parameters of the process. The difference between making a good beer and a great beer, that last 20%, is quite a challenge.   And that is why the heavy players in craft brewing like Troeg’s and Victory can charge what they do for a case. They have the know-how, the ingredients, and the equipment, to brew at a high level. You can approximate their craft beer quality, but in the end experience, ingredients, and equipment matter.

The photograph above is a picture of the components of the Belgian Wit kit from Williams Brewing. It is not like I have worked with many other homebrewing supplies companies, so I again am no expert. However, I have found this company to by prompt and professional in both their service and their product.

In the upcoming weeks, I will walk through the brewing process of this kit from start to finish. Better to break it down in stages and in steps in different blog postings. This blog is totally just a labor of love and not something that I expect or anticipate is going to be my life calling. In order to do it cheerfully and consistently once a week, I only expect myself to offer something of interest to the readers of 40/40. No massive Tolstoy tomes like “Beer and Peace.” People who write long ponderous blogs had better be profound, otherwise reader interest is just a click away from concluding.

Today’s message is if you have thought about Homebrewing and have not yet done so, go ahead and give it a try. If you like what you did and enjoyed drinking what you made, then think about doing it again with some better equipment. You are on your way to developing some experience and who knows, one day you might blog about it.


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