Curmudgeon Old Ale: Ahoy!

We headed with another couple to Bully’s in Columbia, Pa., the other night. Columbia is a good place to get a tattoo or beat up, but it is not quite the mecca for fine dining and drink. Bully’s tries to be upscale but it cannot escape its Columbia location. Columbia is an old river town and I have heard that river towns can be a bit rough and Columbia certain fits the stereotype.  Yet, Bully’s–like Avis–tries harder.

Any place that has an extensive Beer Bible deserves a visitation from a Beer Sage like me.  Although the 40/40 pilgrimage came to an end last July 4th, I have cred for life.  Someone recently tried to stump me by naming out-of-the way Pennsylvania Micro-Breweries, hoping to bring up one that I had not been to.  He gave up after about ten tries and confessed that “Eric knows his beers” in awe and admiration.  I was only a vessel who had extra time on his hands for a brief sudsy moment.

Fittingly, at Bully’s, I drank a seafaring Curmudgeon Old Ale from Founders. I suppose that rivers and lakes count, too.  Here is the sacred writ from the Beer Bible:

I love names for beers like Dirty Bastard and Curmudgeon, but draw the line on satanic stuff like Devil Dancer (all three are Founders’ Brews). Drinking with the Devil, I am not down with. I recall the time I asked for St. Obnoxious at Victory Brewing Company and the server got a confused look in her eyes. Then, she said, “St. Boisterous?

Oh yeah, that’s it. I should have grasped that “Saint” and “Obnoxious”  just don’t go together, even in Micro-Brewing. See the Curmudgeon below…

Ahoy, this is one great beer despite its cantankerous name. Kind of like and old sailor who was long past being politically correct and concerned about who might be offended by what he said but who still loves people.  High ABV, supreme maltiness, this brew will take the chill out of the bones after a long night on the decks of the ship fishing and hauling nets. Or, a rough night in the Easy Chair watching the wife’s favorite TV programs one after another in succession on Netflix.

There is an ocean of goodness in this glass even though it is hardly tame. Wild and strong like the sea, I can almost smell the sea air and hear the sea gulls now.


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