Redondo Beach Brewery

Yesterday, we were winding our way up and down the coastal highway in Southern California seeing the sights. In the late afternoon, my buddy (who lives in L.A.) and I landed in Redondo Beach to catch some food and drink. Checking Yelp, I saw that Redondo Beach Brewery was in town. Yelp said it was .9 miles away….no it wasn’t. As, I was staring at my iPhone, I looked across the street and there it was. Beauteous!

Redondo Beach is a town on the ocean that sits high above the sea on cliffs. Quite picturesque. The beach is not sand…instead it is rocky and craggy. After I drank the Rat Beach Red I saw a metaphor.  My beer looked a marvelous copper color. At first sip, it pleased my palate. Then, there was a steep drop off, like a cliff. The flavor profile concluded in an unsatisfying and odd astringent taste. It also lacked depth; a low tide of taste character.  A rocky and craggy brew in the end.

When I tasted my buddy’s Manhattan Beach Blonde, that brew had the same ending.  Not sure what that means but it could suggest a brewing recipe similarity behind-the-scenes to save time and energy. Perhaps, at least, the same type of hops in the same proportion at the minimum.  I suspect that the malts change from brew to brew but everything else is the same when within the ale selections (yeast, hops, fermenting temperature). Just a hunch.

I went to Beer Advocate to check to see if my impressions lined up with others. The overall rank from the beer rating community was a B-. I would give this beer a “D.”  No curve for California on this one.  Its copper look turned into a copper taste at the end. California has many amazing microbreweries but this is not one of them from what I can taste. Maybe I should have tasted a third but didn’t want to take my chances.

The surf is not in here. Best to go to a different beach.


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