Sleeman Honey Brown Lager

Had one of these cold ones last night after the plenary speaker at the World Futures Conference in Vancouver. The speaker used a clip from Sleeman Brewery that I tried to find on YouTube that essentially communicated the theme that Sleeman is not about the label and commercialization, it is about the beer. Authenticity was the speakers point.

Apparently Sleeman was getting crushed like a beer can by the Big Breweries, most of them not Canadian.  Couldn’t find the clip…it was about a couple getting married where people around the table took the polite label off and told them what they were thinking. Effective ad, got the message across. The Sleeman market shared rebounded and has even grown.

Here is another ad, less funny and awkward, with the same message. Plays on the theme that it has no label hiding the beer. It is  a decent beer. Not great. Better than Bud.


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