The Belgian Wit

A few blogs ago, I wrote about how my homebrew Belgian Wit went from catastrophically explosive, to flat as a pancake, to re-carbonated (A Temperamental Wit in 3 Acts) . I was so distressed when the bottles started to explode that I nearly repented of homebrewing. I thought about putting the brewing equipment on eBay and forgetting the whole enterprise. I concluded that all that work for a farce.

And since my solution of re-bottling only served to flatten the brew,  it became twice the work. Double trouble, twice the failure. I got a lot of mileage of suffering off of one batch. The only future I envisioned was drinking down the flat beers (the carbonation had fled like a bandit when I had emptied the too carbonated beers into the priming tank and then re-bottled).

I had mentioned in the previous blog that because there was still some yeast and sugar in the flat beer, when I capped the bottles and put them away, over a couple of weeks when I was out in California and Vancouver BC, the carbonation came back. I am so stinking delighted I almost feeling like squealing  like a pre-teen girl who has just saw Justin Bieber in the flesh and hair. One thing that I had not done was post a picture of the Redeemed Belgian Wit in an anatomically correct Belgian brewing glass.

Ta Da. I feel like I have to show two pictures to revel in the triumph. Double the failure, twice the success.


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