“Beer Is The New Wine” by Lina

Some guys have all the luck. If I believed in luck, I would be one of those guys. But, I don’t. So let us think “hypothetically.” Thank the Lord, more like it.

Not only does my wife Lina (pic above in her Mac generated splendorous array)  tolerate my beer avocation, she embraces it.  Or imbibes it. Every man I know would want a wife to plead with him to buy a case of Ommegang’s Tripel Perfection. “Oh, okay, I suppose,” I sighed, last time we bought our Belgians. Not to give readers the wrong idea, these type of brews are only once in a while and not even monthly drinking companions. But it is still very cool that Lina is all about it. We save the pricey Belgians for special events with friends who appreciate them. Otherwise, we keep the bottles out of sight.

When we first started dating, she was a wine girl, with a corner of her tastes cordoned off for Belgians beers like Chimay. Me, I was a beer guy, essentially Yuengling Lager was my go-to, with little awareness of anything Belgian besides waffles. Over time, my wife has solidly moved into the beer province, and I have upped my beer tastes. I was always in beer country, but not in the craft social class. More Joe Six-Pack.

Now, my wife and I are much more symmetrical in what we drink and when, with good-to-great beers being the portfolio. Like any good marriage, we have come closer to the middle ground on many things. Although, I still hate playing board games, something that my wife says that I totally hid when we were dating. True, I did go to one “Game Night” at her Princeton Condo the second time we hung-out. She took that to mean that I loved playing board games. Me? I was just trying to get to know her anyway I could.  I would have gone to the Dentist with her…that hardly means that I have a thing for dentistry. The jury is still out if I was being deceptive. I say “No,” she says “Yes.”

Lina recently composed a blog (look under Baltimore) about our visit to the Brewers Art down in Baltimore titled “Beer is the New Wine.” Lina’s blog Traveling Food Critic is her writing about her two favorite past-times…food and travel. It is looking like beer is going to needed to be added to that list. She is taking over my gig as the beer authority. Hmmm…maybe I should become a Wine Snob?


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