International IPA Day

Yesterday was International IPA Day (India Pale Ale).  I got together with my buddy down at the Taproom in Lancaster city to pay homage. I can’t say I have always been a fan of IPA’s. Yet, when they are brewed well and I am in the mood, it is all good.

Spring House Brewery/Taproom trends hoppy in general in their beers so it made sense to head down and quaff a couple in honor of the IPA style. We joked that there really should be some type of beer calendar giving us and idea of the holy days in the brew year. Don’t want to be caught unaware.  Maybe download automatically on MobileMe.

Today, is apparently International Beer Day and the question of whether I am heading out of not is still up for discussion. It is an internal debate. I would like to try something really out there and quirky. There is a place nearby that would fit the bill for exotic brews.

The Double IPA did not disappoint. The hoppiness is not excessive yet it does stick around in the mouth for quite some time after going down. At 8% ABV neither my buddy nor I wanted to double up on the double.

The exponentialness of it all seemed unwise. I instead had another style, the Diabolical Dr. Wit. The spicing in this brew is very apparent, particularly the orange peel. It was a good contrast to the heavier Double IPA. For the first half of the Wit though, I was still tasting the Double IPA. As if it was saying, “Hey it is my day. Remember me.” We did.

Headed to the Shore tomorrow. Bought a case of some fine beers that I will reveal after I arrive and crack one.


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