Blithering Idiot

Blithering Idiot from Weyerbacher is a body slammer and brain concusser for the unwise. It should have a warning on the side to not operate heavy machinery when consuming like Nyquil. I only had one and that was enough. Frankly, it tastes like  Nyquil too. Not my favorite style first of all, and not my favorite brand of this style. Kind of the best of the worse to worse of the worse and Blithering Idiot is somewhere in the middle of that class.

At 11% ABV, it is about a high as a beer can fly before it ain’t beer anymore. Actually, the first Barleywine I ever consumed was Dogfish Head Ale’s Olde School at 15% ABV. Man, that is stratospheric. Planet Earth far below. It was in my buddy’s fridge and he gave me open access to anything I wanted. I was dark in the kitchen. I saw Dogfish and I bit like a fish, not really knowing what Barleywine was. I soon found out and was schooled. Mighty sweet, mighty strong. Closer to schnapps than session beer. I was fearful that if I got too close to the fire I might just combust from the fumes.

As one of the four in the Big Beer series case, it does serve as a counter-balance to the very bitter Double Simcoe IPA I profiled yesterday. Maybe Weyerbacher wanted to provide a comprehensive range in the four 6 packs. I can’t say that I will buy Blithering Idiot again either in the bottle or on tap. I just don’t like it that all much. If I do get up the courage for another, I will definitely go to Dogfish who I think are better at brewing beers like this without losing control.


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