Double Simcoe IPA

I have found a location in the rental shore house where Comcast’s Hot Spot comes in stronger. 40/40 is Back in Black. As a Comcast customer, I get “free” access. I suppose I should be thankful like a sea gull for the metaphorical french fry. Comcast does charge non-current clients. No altruism here. I am already on the Bully’s shakedown list.  Sort of like the Mafia.

The Wi-Fi comes in like low and high tide with seconds separating the two and alternating back and forth. It is better than going from low to no access. I have moved the  connection up to functionality. I will take it…like I have a choice anyway.

Tonight I had to to feed the extended family (10 people, with the younger kids and the teenager omnivores at the respective end of the spectrum balancing out another) . Each entity attending said Family reunion takes a night of the vacation and cooks. Since my wife has not made it down yet (due tomorrow), it was my turn without her.  I was thinking enchiladas but decided “No mas” on that train of thinking. Too hot to be in the  kitchen. I kept it cooler and did tacos. I was stressing out about it all but I took a page from my wife’s playbook about prepping in a logical fashion. If one preps right, the actual cooking is just crossing the T’s and dotting the I’s. All about execution.

Once the troops were fed, and the rest of the crew took on the dishes and pots (he/she who cooks is excused from dishwashing duties), I busted open a Double Simcoe IPA from Weyerbacher. Seriously, this  brew has some jaws a-snapping. Don’t believe what the blog says:

“This hybrid hop, developed and trademarked by Select Botanicals Group, LLC in the year 2000, was created for its high alpha acid content, maximum aromatic oils, and low cohumulone(harshness) levels so that brewers can really put a lot of ‘em in a beer and not create an overly harsh taste.”

Like saying that the Great White’s teeth ain’t that sharp. The taste is harsh yet it will make a man out of you if you swim in its waters.



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