Old Heathen Imperial Stout

Two down, two to go in the profile blogs on the “Big Beers” from Weyerbacher.

I am going from least favorite to most favorite in my postings chronologically, so Old Heathen Imperial Stout weighs in at numero dos. In this corner, coming into the ring at 8.0 % ABV, is this brew. I had some second guesses as to whether I should have brought this and the other heavy hitters down to the Shore. Beers like this are more appropriate when it is freezing or below in your locale. Or, at least when it is at least a bit chilly. As it turned out, I found all of the beers to have excellent staying power in that the case lasted the entire week, with me still bringing two back home (No Beers Left Behind) and giving several away to my bros.

I waited until around dinner into nightfall until summoning these beers from the fridge. These are not brews for the mid-day. As such, the beers fit well with food and the evening activities heated up and as the temps dropped.

Ocean City, New Jersey, is a Dry Town with nary at proprietor selling alcohol. I wanted to dig in for the duration and not have to make multiple beer trips to stock up on supplies. Thus, this case was a wise choice. We debated the pros and cons of the town remaining free of alcohol sales and the consensus seemed to be in the Fam that it is a good thing in that it keeps the rabble from washing up like wreckage in this shore community.

I normally default against Prohibitionary tactics, yet Ocean City is a family resort and if you want to have have the seedier side of the shore, stay in Wildwood or Atlantic City. Because the bars empty out into the Boardwalks, peoples’ over-consumption affects anyone around.  And with kids, that is just n0t cool.

Overall, I really enjoyed this Imperial Stout. Those on Beer Advocate concur that Old Heathen delivers. I am always interested in why breweries name their beers as they do.  The conjuring intrigues me. The label on Old Heathen suggests a Fall evening where darkness is restrained by the Moon. The figure stands ominously…this is no Bud Lite girl giggling. Heathens are barbaric yet this beer is far from backwards. Neither is it tame. A little wild with some surprising mild. The dark is worse than its bite.


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