Merry Monks

Well, we are going from Old Heathen to Merry Monks. I at least like the direction theologically! I always get a bit nervous when themes turn dark and demonic and Druid. And, I like the beer direction too. This brew takes the belt. It is the best of the “Big Beers” from Weyerbacher.

I have to confess that at first this beer confused me. It has a Belgian Wit effervescence but has the punch of a heavy weight (to continue the boxing analogy from the prior post on O.H.). What gives? It didn’t take too long to figure out from the clues. Weyerbacher uses Pilsner Malts which are typically used for lighter German Styles. But, they soup it up with more sugar and toss in Belgian yeast, give it more time and higher fermentation temps, and wind up with a Tripel. That is like turning a VW Bug into a Hot Rod. The frame still says VW but the engine is a 305 and is also in the back seat.

Jumping and dancing back to the pugilistic metaphors, these brews jabs with the left (with the cute picture of the laughing Monks), and follows with a hard right to the jaw, as modeled above by moi. Photo credit goes to my wife Lina for the cool idea to do a close/far deal with the bottle and the glass. Credit goes to me and my warped mind for the punching illustration. And what a right hand it is….at 9.3 ABV, there is George Foreman in that glass (I think  Foreman was a rightee). Those on Beer Advocate give it B plus. I am going to be the judge that disagrees. This is an “A” all the way. It just is quirky and original enough to qualify as a classic. A sweet science indeed is good brew-making.

I had to down a Blithering Idiot that was left over before finishing up the case with this last Merry Monks. It became even more apparent in comparison to the Merry Monks that the Blithering Idiot Barleywine is just too sweet and syrupy. Better for pancakes than the glass. Or, it is an out-of-shape fighter that is really not in the same ring as the Merry Monks. There was no way that I was ending the case on the Blithering Idiot.

P.S. My wife keeps telling me that my new Temple hat that I am wearing in the pic is too small for my head. It was supposed to be “One Size Fits All.” Guess what, my head is just too big. At 6’8″ and general genetics in my family that lead to bigger heads and longer faces, I am pretty much stuck with a hat that just does not fit as well as it could. My very-detail attentive wife doesn’t miss a thing. Most people wouldn’t notice or care. Or maybe everyone is thinking to themselves, “Man that hat is too small. Why doesn’t his wife tell him and make him take it off?”

Well, she has noticed and advised me to not wear it. Make a note of it!


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