Troegs Dreamweaver

Yes, I have been dreaming about drinking some Dreamweaver. A dream delayed. Today the dream came true.  Liquid R.E.M.

Drinking the heavy Big Beers from Weyerbacher boomeranged me back to my original decision of whether to go heavy or lighter two weeks ago before the shore vacation. This time, I bought a case of Dreamweaver. The summer is running down and I want to get my Wheat Beer before summer is but a memory. After the harvest, it is really too late for the Wheat. Now is the time to drink before the threshing scythe.

The red jalapenos are poised strategically in the picture to enhance the thirst appearance of the Dreamweaver. When jalapenos get red, they retain the heat but turn sweet. There is another word for green peppers…unripe.  The pepper plants out in garden are monitored carefully for optimum time to pick. Unlike regular red peppers, the nefarious groundhogs don’t swipe the jalapenos. The ghounds love the red peppers.

This fact sheet from Troegs about Dreamweaver is quite a step above what most microbreweries provide in their description. It is like the lyrics to a favorite song. Most of profiles from the craft brewers tend to be rah-rah and obvious. I like that Troegs provides more depth. Like their beers, the descriptions actually provides a tasty mouthful. It is going to be interesting to see where Troegs goes from here. When they depart Harrisburg and go 100% operational in Hershey (I presume that they are leaving Harrisburg behind), they will take another step into the elite of national caliber microbreweries.

Tonight, in my desire to purchase a Wheat beer, I faced a choice of whether to buy a case of cold Blue Moon or a warm Dreamweaver. I would rather give my cold cash to an independent and take the warm beer rather than a cold case from a cold corporation. I can wait for it to get cold. Although, it is a good thing that Coors is offering something better than their standard fizzy water with alcohol, I would still prefer being free of its web.

Here’s to summer, here is to the Wheat Beer. Savor its taste, savor the memories. Ahhhh….


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