Good Old Yuengling Lager

In preparation for Hurricane Irene, I bolted off to the Distributor to grab a case of Yuengling Lager. I figured that beer would be one thing that FEMA, the Pa. National Guard, or the Red Cross, would not pass out if a crisis hit. Imagine if FEMA did distribute  brew. It would be the skankiest and skunkiest swill imaginable. Something like Keystone Light.

I have been drinking pricier beer recently and I needed to downsize. Yuengling is my go to house-brand. Always in the fridge for friends and family. I was running low so I needed to beef or beer up the beer fridge. I also decided to not drink much because I didn’t want my wits to be dulled in the least….I was not sure what was coming at the hands of Irene. Now it is Sunday and the worst is over. No major damages besides the plastic/rubber door of my tool shed being tossed like a Frisbee across the yard about 20 feet.

Drinking Yuengling Lager reminds me of the “Good Old Charlie Brown” adage from Peanuts. Charlie Brown is an everyman. He does his best and his decency is what makes him an easy mark. He fails and people find comfort that someone has it worse than they in the day-to-day trials of life. Or, I think all of us feel like Charlie Brown on the inside sometime. His iconic character has stood the test of time because he is so much like all of us.

Yuengling Lager will never win the heart of craft beer lovers, just like Charlie Brown will never catch the eye of the Little Red-Headed Girl. There are other studs in the fridge of life that he will thirst after. Yet, the lasting nature of Yuengling Lager, its ordinary good old-fashioned stability are fine for what you get for the money, and should not be discounted.

I know I’d miss the YL if it was not around.


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