Brewing Organically

I recall a couple of years ago walking into a local Homebrewing store and asking whether they carried or could order an organic brew-kit.

The staff in the store looked at me like I had three heads. I saw that they were thinking “Freak.” One of the guys and I got in a tit-for-tat type of discussion about the merits and benefits of organic foods. Most people are ignorant and have not really studied the matter. Plus, the science of food has much about it that is hard to test and sort through. My approach tends to be that if a chemical kills a pest or a weed, it is in  all probability not healthy for people to consume either. That logic seems to be somewhat straightforward.

I don’t trust the government or researchers aligned with the food industry. They have a bias to be ignorant, either intentionally or not.

How else do we begin to explain the increased incidence of cancers, heart-disease, and other maladies? Food and Drink would seem to be a good place to start. Obesity plays a role, as well as a sedentary lifestyle, but what we consume must be  an actor of import.

My wife and I have endeavored to move our consumption in the organic direction. Such a move comes at an increased cost and a lack of convenience. The benefits outside of the actual food and drink are finding cool places and people and supporting local farmers and  co-ops. We have cobbled together several locations that are both relatively affordable and organically-oriented without being uber-goofy. My wife has been blogging about it on her website. Look at the Aug. 2011 posts.

Unfortunately, for brewkits, there is only one organic player who produces them. It is Seven Bridges Co-Op out in California. So, I decided to take the plunge and get the organic California Lager/Anchor Steam kit. It is a kit with lager yeast that is fermented at ale temperatures.

I am going to call it “Indian Summer” because it is brew that is to be fermented warm even though it “should” be cooler. Lagering just seems to be too much work that requires enhanced equipment, more patience, and time. I want to have it ready to drink while it is still possible to have an Indian Summer day.

It should be fun!


3 responses to “Brewing Organically

  • DS

    So…. What about organic pesticides? Commonly used in legal organic farming. In fact a quote from an organic pesticide profile page

    “Remember, just because a pesticide is organic doesn’t mean it’s not toxic. Always read and follow the label instructions and cautions.”

    Ah yes, Organic the holy grail of marketing.

  • ericbierker

    The guidelines for organic provides for processes that ensure a much higher degree of safety than non-organic. That is beyond debate. I am not looking for perfection. Organic produce and other foods can be a commercial gimmick but issues of soil depletion due to over-farming, the creation of super-weeds, the risks from the over-use of antibiotics, the real dangers of food-borne diseases, and the creation of non-generational seeds that are patented–putting our food supply in the hands of a few corporations–are again all factual and scientific realities, that have and will continue to have profound effects on the foods we eat. The real scam is more than we are sold non-nutritional food that is highly-processed and are the biological precursors of diseases such as diabetes. Thanks for your input, nonetheless.

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