Fall Punk: Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

As promised loyal readers, a weekend post on beer. Just like I said. Sorry about the delay. Had important things to attend to this weekend and just returned home in good old Lancaster County.

Pennsylvania Fall seasons just kick serious backside…popularly known as a_ _. In a head to head competition, state-by-state, Pennsylvania in mid-September is the beauty queen of the United States, if not the world. The air is crisp, the sun shines, leaves are falling and burning, football is in full swing. It it is weather Karma for crappy winters and too hot months of July and August. It is the time of year when all of the weather variables line up in Pennsylvania’s favor like a slot machine dishing out the Jackpot. Not that I am a fan of gambling mind you.  Especially, state run extortion schemes for people that don’t understand math.

Lina (my lovely wife) were up around Mechanicsburg this afternoon where we scored some seriously high quality Korean food and then made a trip to Wegman’s, who have found an ingenious play to do an “end-around” stupid and antiquated alcohol  laws by serving food. Truly an anachronism, masquerading as morality yet really a monopolistic scheme of patronage–if one digs his investigative cleats into the political turf hard enough. At some point, government is going to need to be based on reason.

At Wegman’s. Lina and I first went to get some fruit and vegetables, organic, for our smoothies. We have been drinking these on a daily basis. I am not a health food freak but I figure it makes sense to crank up the nutrition because I don’t always eat well. I am the one who needs the compensatory plan. Not some dude or lady who never eats crap.  Once Lina headed to check-out, I went to go check-out the beer selection. Talking about a great place to spend a Sunday afternoon! I got in some chit-chat with other beer purchasers who enjoy the upscale beer selection at Wegman’s.

Since it is Fall, I figured that I would get a Fall seasonal. Pumpkin Ales have become a favorite of many microbrews. When I noticed that the Dogfish Punkin Ale c0st in the same range as other brewers of the Pumpkin-infused varietals, I asked myself the obvious. Why would I not purchase the Dogfish? I could come up with no good reason. I am drinking one right now. I am not sure that I taste the spicing such as the nutmeg and the like, but this is a damn good beer.

An off-centered ale for off-centered people. Somehow it all lines up.  Like Pennsylvania in the Fall. Drink and enjoy.


One response to “Fall Punk: Dogfish Head Punkin Ale

  • ALEX

    This blog is my drinking buddy now. Who knew beer and an extensive vocabulary would be so interesting. april high tea, brisk winds? keep writing! you are a great keystrummer.

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