World’s Best Beers & Jack Daniels

I follow a blog of two brother who write about whiskey and beer. One could argue that whiskey and beer are really quite the same…add water and carbonation and hops and whiskey becomes a beer.  Maybe some sugar too. Perhaps it would be more appropriate to say that take the water and carbonation and hops out of beer, add some wood barrel flavors, and beer becomes whiskey.

I am not a whiskey aficionado. I texted a friend on Friday night and asked him what he was drinking–hey it was the beginning of the weekend, most  people are enjoying something spirit–and he texted back a name of something that didn’t sound like a beer. I figured out it was a whiskey and then searched it on the web. It was pricey! But, I was drinking a Rogue Ale and that is not exactly federal government free cheese either.

I am fine with sipping Jack Daniels on occasion and want to keep it in this price range. I am pretty certainly that a don’t want to become a whiskey snob on top of already being a beer snob and a coffee snob. It starts to be expensive to be a snob.  The Beer and Whiskey Bros recently posted this document of the World’s Best Beers (I have to give credit where credit is due).

Samuel Adams seems to come up big in the competition which makes me wonder if S.A. has now become such a big sun in the craft beer market that it is starting to keep the better beers of a local variety from shining. But give kudos to SA for still making quality beers at mass quantities.


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