Monthly Archives: March 2012

Beers of Summer


It has been quite a while since I wrote a blog for 40/40. How long? I forgot how to post a picture. The WordPress format is all changed in term of the toolbars and the like. Times have changed.

Well, the hiatus from beer blogging is drawing to an end for a bit. My book about the college transition is its final editing stages. I have three writing priorities: The book, my bierkergaard blog that is growing in readership daily to new heights, and this poor neglected beer blog. Like a step-child, and a red-haired one at that.

Nonetheless, until the book comes back from my Editor-the-Hun (only joshing for he has done wonders for my work), I will blog about beer in the interim. Needless to say that my beer drinking has not abated, only writing about it has. I am still trying to lose the ten extra pounds I gained from too much food and quite enough beer in Asheville, North Carolina over Christmas Vacation.

Well, yesterday I pulled weeds for about two hours in the yard. It was brutal. Afterwards, I was hankering to have a beer or two. I first cracked open a seltzer to take some of the thirst edge off, then I drank in order a Walt Wit (above) from the Philadelphia Brewing Company, a Bass Ale, and a Yuengling Lager. Bass was my favorite of the evening, the Wit number two, and the YL (the ill) won the bronze. Let us be clear, Yuengling Lager is not particularly great beer, it just is quite a bit better than Bud, Miller, or Coors that have no flavor. Worse than the seltzer I started the evening off on.

I think most readers will recall the “Boys of Summer Song” from Don Henley. Substitute Beers for Boys. I am looking forward to a fun summer of yard work and beers afterwards. Always good to work for the drink.