St. Boniface – Bring on the Axe


I know, I know. I have been horribly deficient in posting beer blogs on 40/40. I have not however been bereft of beer. Just time. While my bierkergaard blog foams over into fandom, I have disowned my beer blog. 40/40? Never heard of it, her, him.

Maybe, probably, certainly–if you are not from Lancaster County, Pa.–Land O’ Amishmen and Churches and Outlet Malls (how does that happen, this odd confluence of piety and consumerist spirit unleashed?), you have never had the blessed occurrence of St. Boniface descending on your palate like Jehovah upon the earth is judgment. These dudes are Christians and they make a mighty brew. Show discretion Ye Drinkers!

A local pub was having a tasting “take over the taps of St. B.” It was righteous, it was mighty. Like John the Baptist declared to to the impenitent, “The axe is laid at the root of the tree.” Although John did not drink spirits, he would have to commend St. Boniface going after the Big Boy slothful makers of tame brew.



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