UNIBROUE La Fin du Monde


I confess Father that my wife introduced me to Belgian Beers. Fair to say, I was much more of a beer drinker and she a wine drinker when we met. Belgian sort of became the middle ground where we consumed collaboratively. Belgians have a more sophisticated taste, come in cool 750 ml bottles, and are higher alcohol. In fact, kind of like the Vino.

I bought a sampler pack of UNIBROUE recently and I am going to profile them one by one in forthcoming blogs. The La Fin du Monde (The End of the World, in French) is a Triple-style Golden Ale. These Quebec brewers are among the world’s best and if you think Belgium is just a little too far and too much money, making a trek to Quebec is a pretty nice second place award.

I am still kicking myself for missing out on Quebec a couple of years ago. We stayed in Montreal and had a great time but I think we could have carved out a day or two further North. This beer is world-class. It is surprisingly clean tasting while still packing a hefty ABV. It almost seemed Wit-like, just fortified. Give it a try. Something French that you can love.


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