Power of One (Beer)

I have been working off the “Asheville Ten”….the remnant of slabs of fat on my midsection from a vacation to that fine town in North Carolina over Christmas vacation. Most of my meals were some variation of deep fried something.

The great news is that I have lost the ten pounds and I am now in bonus time looking to drop another ten pounds. That means my beer drinking has slowed to a crawl. In fact, rather than drink more beer tonight besides the one Yuengling Lager I had with din-din, I am writing a blog about the near negation of consumption. And I have a beer blog.

The other night I went for a run, then I mowed the grass. I went to get my jar of water out of the beer fridge and spied  a Wit. I decided to drink it down without remorse. I have to tell you, that beer was mighty enjoyable. Sitting out back on the porch, I merged with the beer. There was a deep unity.  There is quite a paradox in life that restraint creates appreciation…sort of like “absence causing the heart to grow fonder” type of thing. Because my beer drinking is dropping like J.P. Morgan, one beer ascends to almost mystical levels of desire and consummation.

Want to enjoy beer more? Drink less. There is some Zen vibe to all of this. I can’t say that I have attained Guru status, yet every beer is precious. Treat it as a treat and discover the joy that comes from just having one. Or two.


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