Sam Adams Boston Lager


I took the bait like a fish to the worm. Fourth of July around the corner. Needed beer. Something not too heavy but not seltzerish with alcohol. Re: Coors, Bud, Miller, etc. The Distributor had piled the cases of Sam Adams Boston Lager like chum in the waters. The decision was quick, no mulling about like a lost child for close to an hour weighing my options. Perhaps the fastest turn-around time in purchasing a case ever. Minuteman…the revolutionary theme and all.

Sam Adams is a craft brewer that has gone big like the proverbial fish that started as a small fry. Now, it is a formidable opponent to the King George’s out there who will keep churning out mediocrity as long as some poor suckers are going to buy it. Shall be interesting to see how the Bigs either swallow smaller craft brewers and rule these brands like fiefdoms from the throne or who go out and create their own like AB’s Shock Top. I had their Belgian White the other day. Pretty good. I see that Bud is seriously pulling  a Walmart predatory move like a shark in cutting its pricing for such cases far below the competitors. About 12 dollars less per 24. I am all for Free Enterprise but when one has big monopolistic players in the game, it is no longer free enterprise. Anyone who thinks otherwise has some moron in them that needs to get exorcised out of them as a demon. The SA Boston Lager did not disappoint. It is not a light lager. It has some umph. The hoppy-ness is also a bit unusual for a lager. It pours a deep amber brown like that super attractive girl’s long hair in high school. Boy, I am mixing metaphors right and left here. Fishing, fiefdoms, hot girls.

My brother and I commenced our consumption soon after a mountain bike ride.  He took a rather nasty spill and was quite winded trying to keep up with me. I work-out and don’t smoke. Decided advantages despite me being older by almost a decade. It was a very hot afternoon and the beers went down smoother than ice cream. After eating bacon-wrapped sirloin steaks from the grill, a huge piece of carrot cake (doesn’t that count as a vegetable?), watching that Steve Carrel “Crazy Stupid Love” flick in the man cave (truly bunkerish, bro), and a homegrown fireworks festival, I did finish the night off approaching midnight with a cool bowl of freshly made ice cream. Perfect ending.

I took my chances a drove home from the Philly region back to Lancaster, hearing on the radio on the way home that more people die in driving accidents on the 4th of July more than any other day in the calendar. That kind of spooked me…what was I thinking? The two other days were really odd, random. Not tied to a holiday or anything. Weird. Got home safe and sound.  And so it went…from the 4th to the 5th.



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