Summer of Wit


This summer I have been drinking mostly Wit beer. The best Wit thus far has been Lancaster’s own Diabolical Dr. Wit from the Tap Room/Springhouse Brewery. I might just be favoring the home team but I really like the balance of the brew. It has some citrusy elements without being too acidic, sweet, or bitter. It is balanced and delightful. 

By the title you might think that I have been particularly funny and urbane this season. Actually, the summer has been bittersweet–a combination of emotional malt and hops–trending more towards the bitter. So, my wit has suffered. I am starting to bounced back.

Speaking of bitter,  I was in Chicago last night at a Holiday Inn bar/restaurant/hotel where American Airlines graciously lodged me (I got bumped from last night’s flight and am now in possession of a $ 500 voucher to fly AA sometime in the next year), and some Jewish dude from New York City area decided against drinking more than just a sample of a hoppy beer by saying, “Life is already bitter enough.”

True enough…now that was witty. 




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