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Return of St. Boniface


If my Faiere (I think that is the Gaelic Spelling) Beer Mother was to appear and give me one wish within the beer fantasy realm, I think I would imagine a board like this. Sorry that is a little blurry. It is a dream after all.

This is St. Boniface in Ephrata’s current line-up. There are some heavy hitters here. Ruth, Gehrig, Hegemony. I had finished work for the week as of yesterday at 4:oo–we have a summer schedule with Fridays off–and didn’t have any major plans besides finalizing some issues with my book today. When I saw a post on Facebook about St. Boniface, it didn’t take Faerie Dust for me to hop in the auto up to Ephrata to pay ’em a visit. 30 minutes away to Beer Heaven.

Typically, I shy away from beer during the day. It is a good way to feel useless by early evening. But, the sun was shining, they had a food truck, out in the lot, and this was my first official day of vacation. Here is a picture of the food truck:


Something like Master of the Pork in English. Here was my dish-o-rama:


This was some Asian-inspired Pork Bun–like Dim Sum–which is a Taiwanese dish. Instead of being steamed, the rolls were baked with Pork BBQ on the inside. Like a Ding-Dong. Are they still making these? I heard Twinkies are coming back from the dead. Wait. They have been dead since the start. Sugar Zombies. There were mac and cheese and corn something of sides. Also chatted with the dudes who were the proprietors of the food truck and got into some Foodie talk.

I couldn’t help myself. I took a bite before I snapped the picture. I have poor impulse control.  I had two beers beforehand and was famished. St. Boniface makes heavy beers and one should not try to operate heavy equipment after excessive ingestion. Yuminugen.

I had a fun time chatting with other patrons and the staff. Good beer brings out the best in all as long as it is treated reverently and with respect. Like a sharp ax, don’t toy around with St. Boniface. Adults only, and not the “adults” who go to Porn Shops and the like. Real adults with sense and maturity to not over-do it.

I know that 40/40 has been Lagering in the cellar for a while with few postings. Now that it is Vay-Cay and my book is being published, my thoughts and dreams turn back to beer for a bit. I will try to draw a draft of a blog once a week. Promise. Maybe. I’ll try. Sort of. OK?