Monthly Archives: April 2014

Yuengling Summer Wheat


It has been an endless winter here in Pennsylvania. Soviet-Era Drago uttered to Rocky in whatever Roman numeral “I must break you.” Well, we have broken. I think Putin has found a way to bring meteorological Cold War to the East Coast States. 

You know when everyone in the office has caught the same Cold, that Winter has taken its bite out of our hide. So, when I heard that Yuengling was adding a Summer Wheat to its repertoire, I was giddy. Summer in a bottle, liquid sunshine. Keep your orange slice, give me the beer. Spring has come. I was at the local distributor the other day and what did I see, three cases of Yuengling Summer Wheat lookin’ at me. I want one.

I brewed a Wheat Beer once and it proved more volatile than a wild woman. Exploded my precious bottles. Never again. Best to leave the Wheat Beers to the professionals. The problem is that most Wheat Beers are expensive, like a Materialistic Girl. Blue Moon, a Coors offering, runs close to $ 40.00 diamond dollars. Craft Beers are around the same. Yuengling once again has filled a niche, a vacuum between the Big Beers that suck and the Craft Brewers that jack up the price like blackmail.

The Office portrayed Pennsylvanian’s like stupid oafs, downright weirdos. Like California should be pointing its finger. Yuengling once again shows that the old school has more cred. What is so very cool is that Yuengling is an old dog learning new tricks. I highly recommend this brew if you can get your paws on it.    

The Yuengling Wheat Beer is freaking awesome, a warm breeze, a premonition of sunny days ahead.