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The Return of St. Boniface


A Gose Currently On Tap. Usually Not A Fan of Goses But This Was Great. Tart But Not Too Vinegary 

OK, in actuality, I returned to St. Boniface last night. The Return of St. Boniface sounded more heroic and epic. “My grandpa, what big beers you have.” St. Boniface has always had a fairy-tale like vibe to me. Over the last ten years, I have witnessed St. Boniface go from two homebrewers of big ABV beers grow into a decently sized microbrewery, based in Ephrata, Pa.

I was there when they were starting, made a visit to their first beer brewing space in a defunct upscale clothing store’s basement, and now to their current facility. I think it used to be an ice cream manufacturing site. So, I thought giving an update on the state of craft beer was in order because St. Boniface’s story sits right in the center of craft beer’s resurgence.

Back when I started this 40/40 blog 7 years ago, and abandoned it for the most part at the end of the beer tour in Pa., there were under 50 craft breweries in Pennsylvania. Presently, the number is topping 250. So, the days of drinking beer at all Pa. microbreweries in 40 days–the original trek–appears to be over. A Beer Year, maybe? I think that this second wave of craft beer is essentially here to stay. The first wave was at the end of the 1990’s and a lot of places went boom then bust. Out of that first wave, the second wave came to shore. A few survived the storms, but now the conditions have changed.

It gives me hope that American men have not just decided to ride out their days lazily on their sofas ,like life rafts, drifting aimlessly in the seas of pacific apathy. Drinking neutered beer and living like castrated rats chomping pellet potato chips from their corporate overlords. Cable, keeping them chained to their big screens, caged in suburbia. I may be a rat but don’t put me in a rut.

The U.S. is the world-leader in craft beer and it has nothing to do with the present jackass in the White House. Sorry, I am as Conservative as they come and I find DT so odious as to delete any left or right leaning Facebook posts, either appalling him or applauding him. I just want to avoid him. I would have found Hillary equally as nauseating.

So, here is to all of the good beer out here in our land. We may be down but we are not out. Making America Great Again (one beer at a time).


A Collaboration Brew Between a Square One Kenyan Coffee and a St. Boniface IPA. Most Coffee Beers Are Dark Coffees and Stouts So This  Is An Interesting and Tasty Twist.