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Berwick Brewing Company: The Atomic Age

If this 40/40 blog was school, I would be feeling really stressed that I am falling behind in my writing assignments. Hopefully, everyone reading are easy graders! I am really trying.  Can I audit?

Speaking of school, last week before heading down to Philly for Beer Week (blogs coming soon), I had an open day. I was going to head to Bethlehem Brew Works but I had a change of plans. Berwick Brewing Company sent out a Facebook announcement that morning as I was packing up to leave that they were having a “Beer and Pizza” event for the local educators whose last day of school was that day. Beer, pizza, teachers and other important school personnel like counselors? I am like a rat to cheese. The best educators are both structured and flexible. Have a plan but adapt as needed.

Educators are generally a fun bunch. There are some folks who are in the education business who are are a real drag…you know the ones that I am talking about….the ones who seem to dislike kids. But as a rule, teachers and co. are fun to hang out with. A sense of humor is a must for modern educators. So it is always a rocking good time…that it was the end of the year, even better.

School was out an it was time for recess…here I come! It was an over two hour drive both ways. The drive was scenic though so the time went by quick. Pulling into town, I crossed a bridge over the Susquehanna River that was absolutely beautiful. I joked to the teachers later that I was going to send some growlers of the Berwick Brews on a raft and pick them up in Wrightsville close to my house and about 100 miles downstream. Here is a picture from the back of the Beer-garden looking upon the wondrous waters:

See what I am saying? Parts of the Susquehanna are hardly as bucolic and beautiful…like around Harrisburg.

Speaking of teachers, here is some of the crowd that I was hanging out with:

A happy bunch, huh? The two guys at the end of the bar were not teachers. They were construction workers. They also built the Beer-garden out back. Giving some props to the working man posing in front of their job:

They were done working their job for the day so they availed themselves of some refreshments. Best to put the saws away before picking up the beers.

Oh yeah, the beers. I believe this was my favorite beer of the day…the Atomic Punk IPA.

You can put that in my cooling tower anytime. I am finding that IPA brews (highly hopped) are best accompanied by some equally forceful food that can stand up for itself. This dish was a worthy opponent. The Steve-O Inferno pizza: habanero sauce, jalapenos, fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, crushed red pepper, Romano cheese, and Mozzarella cheese. This dish is also quite nuclear:

I am telling you that this beer and pizza one-two, is a heavenly pairing that has Hades-like heat. There is a nuclear plant nearby so all of the atomic analogies make perfect sense.

The beers, the food, and the folk, make me wish that this place was not so far away. It is truly a fine establishment. If I am ever within 60 minutes of the place, I plan to come again.