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Bube’s Brewerey – Mt. Joy

First off, since I made this mistake (and I should have known better) Bube’s is pronounced “Boo-bies” which sounds like a rip-off of the Hooter’s chain. Fortunately, I am sure that the beer is much better at Bube’s. As a rule, I am not going to encroach upon reviewing the food at the establishments I visit for 40/40. This is a beer tour. Although I don’t know a lot about brewing, I know even less about fine dining. I will defer to my food critic wife on this one.   Although, I will mention that JoBoy’s in Manheim has some banging barbecue and solid beers. The owner told me that he see his place as more a BBQ place than a microbrewery.

Bube’s was like the school sub of old. I was intending to celebrate the completion of the revisions to my Dissertation at Temple where I was in Philly finalizing all of the paperwork on campus  (you may officially call me Dr. B. if you wish) by heading to New Hope to visit the Triumph Brewery (the name seemed appropriate for the occasion). Alas, I was informed that I had misspelled one of my Committee Member’s name in two places in the Dissertation document. That meant that I had to drive West on the Schuylkill Expressway (surely, ye jest…a misnomer for sure as it has more jams than Smucker’s). I put into good use my new policy of “Prayer, Not Profanity” and prayed all the way home.

The kind person at Temple helping me with the corrections was to be on vacation until next Wednesday and I really did not want to wait until then to get the changes corrected, uploaded, and approved (the submission is all electronic). Plus, KYW was calling for a possible hailstorm in the Philly area. Not wanting to experience an Old Testament-like Egyptian hailstorm (it was the 7th Plague. Why Did God Send the Plague of Hail? The plague of hail was sent to defy the god of Nut. Nut was the sky goddess and normally would be the one to control the weather) and believing firmly in the premise of work before play, I came home and took care of business. Sometimes you feel like a nut, sometimes you don’t. I was not feeling like a nut. Stupid, yes.

Then I slept for a good two hours, still frustrated with myself for making such a mistake to start with. Note: Always spell the name of the members of your Committee correct on your Dissertation. After slumbering, Bube’s came to mind. I don’t want to use up all of my local options early but staying close to home seemed wisest.

I was informed by the owner’s wife that Bube’s is the oldest intact brewery in the nation (not continuously operating though). Prohibition put it into dormancy. The building has a lot of character and seems frequented be a nice smattering of locals, bikers included. I will go down the line with the beers: The Maibock was not the best, the Stout could have been  stoutier. Then, things began to look up. The Caveman’s Belgian Wit was nice, the Hemp Ale would have made Cheech and Chong happy, and the Crazy 8’s Ale (at 8.6 A.B.V.) was great.  I also met some really interesting people who I might write more about.

While I was sitting at the bar, a guy came in and got a six-pack of Bud to go for 8 bucks. For a little bit more, he could have purchased one of the house brews in a growler. It just does not compute. Ah, open their eyes, Lord. On the way home, it was pouring down sheets of rain. I was happy to be close to home and pleased by my experience at Bube’s. As a caveat, the place is not highbrow. Instead, it is a local place with a lot of history and interesting characters. It is not for the silver spoon set.