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Dock Street Brewing Company

Based on my last post, a reader might think that I am dissing city life. I am not. Why, some of the finest experiences I had a microbreweries were in cities. At the top of this mountain of excellence was Dock Street Brewing Company in West Philadelphia…way out of the confines of tony Center City.

OK, OK, I lifted the above picture of this website.

Here is the sign out front:

Man, this neighborhood was study in contrast. South of the Dock Street location, ghetto, burned-out houses and ruin. We came up from Philly International Airport northward and it was an instructive trip. From Dock Street north, gentrification. Two G’s, co-existing like a Dicken’s novel. Dock Street Brewing Company anchors the multi-cultural neighborhood and seems to be one of the those places that will help uplift the general vicinity with its cool vibe and space. Located in a former firehouse, it now douses thirst with a wonderful array of quenching brews.

Here is my picture of the fire-fighters:

As you can tell, it was a sunny day in Philly. Here is an on street-level picture that shows the buzz all-around:

Speaking of sun, check out this goblet of sunny liquid goodness:

Here is the description of this sunshine in a glass:

It was hot, it was sunny. Gimmee one. Just one…no need to over-indulge.

Be careful when drinking this one below. Some old black lady looked to be drinking this and fell out of her chair. Her friend said it was because of the heat and her lack of food. I think it was the brew…my wife drank one of these and then made my drive her Passat that I don’t fit in through rush hour Philly traffic to Chinatown:

8% ABV? This is like a stiletto… some beers are clubs (Olde English 800), some are pea-shooters (Lite Beer). Some taste like a pea shooter in terms of ABV but are really clubs. This brew is the paragon of this duality.

A lot of peoples’ perceptions about cities are way off. Most inhabitants are law-abiding folk trying to get by. Dock Street should be given a giant “Hurrah” for going in and setting up rather than running away to some characterless edifice in the middle of Jiffy Lube-land. Dock Street was Philadelphia’s first microbrewery and one of the first in the nation. It was fitting that 40/40 concluded there on the July 4th weekend.

As cities go, so go the nation. I liked this mural close to Dock Street as it shows a harmonious land:

Vibrant cities have a diversity in unity…we are all different, we are all the same. Savor the variety, appreciate the common and what we share. Kind of like a musical band. Individual instrumentation, group collaboration. E Pluribus Unum. Out of many, one.

Dock Street Brewing Company: May we fight with thee in thy noble cause! The 40/40 battle has concluded, but the war has just begun.