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Earth Bread and Brewery

When my wife and I got back from Philly, we attended an absolutely beautiful wedding here in Lancaster on a Saturday evening and night. I have been to my share of weddings in my nearly half-century on this globe and this one literally took the cake. And ate it too. Nary a crumb of bad vibe anywhere.

Thus, 40/40 was put on the back-burner. Although we did have a keg of Lancaster Brewing Company Hefe Weizen at the post-ceremony art gallery dancing conflagration. Boy was it hot in every manner imaginable. I started calling myself the “Sweat Leper” because my wife would not dance with me or touch me due to my perspiration pertinacity. With LBC, we kept the microbrewery pulse alive…hang in with me here for a bit as I develop the wedding story…

I was asked to read at the wedding. I started to get a little nervous when I found out the readings were considered “a performance.” My wife, a violinist, and a couple who just got married a little while back (who too had a absolutely banging wedding celebration), who are also both extremely talented musicians (both professional, she a French Horn player, he a Bassist), all participated in the ceremony. I still hear the French Horn resounding and haunting sounds of Bjork’s “Unravel” in my head. Like an OCD child, I did a rendition of the opening notes for days over and over again with my lips and other body apparati.  Drove Lina a little crazy…then she joined in. Check out the piano player’s sound. He (Matthew Monticchio) ran the musical show…the bride is also a talented musician. I am really blessed to know these people and want to give them a shout!

Us “performers” (my wife and the other couple) all reconvened on Sunday and headed to where else?…Philadelphia…to Earth Bread & Brewery. A bartender at another microbrewery, who shall remain nameless as to protect him/her from recrimination from zealous supervisors and owner, absolutely insisted that I go there. I think it very cool that those in the microbrewery business have kind of a “three musketeers” all for one and one for all ethos.

Back to E B & B. What can I say? This place has class. Beer and Pizza, elevated to an art form. Like good art acquisition, bring your wallet. But it is worth it. This is not Tony’s Subs and Six-Pack.

Check out the sign:

Clever. Man, since I am now a performer, I must be getting all artsy. I appreciate interesting designs. The place is like an Art Gallery…the pizzas, er “flatbreads,” are paintings.

Check out the circa 1900 book they had on the shelf:

And, this was before Time/Life Books! Here is a page from the Intro:

Art and science of brewing. That is still commonly used phrasing, with the right-brainers and left-brainers fighting for dominance. I will always side with imagination…

You know, people would read more if they just could find stuff that interested them. I read up on Yuengling and saw a drawing of their still-standing factory that was first in a field of sorts before other industry filled in the gaps. Did not know that Yuengling tried his hand at brewing in Lancaster first and then moved up to Pottsville. Kind of like how Milton Hershey found his chocomojo here in Lancaster too after failing elsewhere.

Introducing my favorite beer of the evening:

Gaze upon the radiant beauty. If I were to ever marry a beer, this would be my Bride. Her name: The Neanderthaler. Sounds like a Pro Wrassler…

Here is her Bio:

I could have cried when my lips touched her in purity for the first time. I kind of got emotional.  My wife loved her too. It was platonic love all around…

Earth Bread and Brewery was a fine performance itself…artful indeed.

As an added bonus (if you are still reading…I have been chided for writing long-winded blogs, a talent of mine honed during the Ph.D.) here is the reading that I performed at the wedding:

Sheldon Van Auken – Under the Mercy, Chapter VII, “The Loves”

We are always feeling love, or longing for love, or thinking about love – and, if we are not, we are dying inside. Love is the one thing we can give away endlessly – be spendthrifts with – and yet have ever more of. God is the sole fountain of love, but He pours it into us, Christian and unbeliever. If we, in turn, pour it out upon others, God pours fresh love into us. But, I think, love must be fresh and sparkling. If a man does not love, perhaps because he’s been hurt or because, like a terrorist, he has put hate first, then I think the love in him dries up, hardens, yet leaves no room for fresh love. Only by pouring out our love day in and day out can God top us up daily with His outpouring of endless fresh love, like the endless outpouring of light and warmth from the sun. Even at night that light is reflected by the moon, our lady of the night, and the evening star. So we must reflect – reflect by loving – God’s love, possibly melting the hardened love, like sludge, in the soul of the loveless. It is, quite simply, all our duty and all our joy: to love. To love God (God in Jesus); to love neighbour, to love all our loves.”

All the best Katie and Ben…may the beauty of the day be only the beginning….