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Erie Brewing Company: Christmas in June

Wasn’t planning to blog much while out here in Western Pennsylvania. But, I feel like a kid at Christmas who can’t sleep. My brother and sister-in-law’s computer was unoccupied.

Talk about a present worth opening. Check this out…two day old fresh beer from a massive storage tank:

This was a fine cool glass of Mad Anthony American Pale Ale at the Erie Brewing Company given to me by the gracious and very cool host,  one EBC dude Jim.  Yum! More Ovalteen, mom, please!

Mad Anthony Wayne was a Continental Army General, kind of a precursor to Patton. He unexpectedly died in Erie. He lives on in the beer. Interesting factoid to me…he was born close to my home town.

The red script above his visage is a direct quote from him (hard to see in pic): “I will storm hell if you’ll only plan it.” I am sure that he gave the English hell. Maybe even caused the more staid and stable George Washington some indigestion?

Returning to the Christmas present motif for a moment….check this out:

A veritable Christmas Tree of EBC six-pack holders. Only could have been better if it had beers in them. Like a Christmas Tree without lights. Still pretty cool.Would love to find some EBC under my tree! No Santa, don’t put Coors like coal in my sock!

Great graphics and names….I am still on the art and branding kick.

Here are two of the EBC elves taking a break from the Brewshop (boy, it was hot in there)

This is ” Director of Marketing Guru” (that is what his business card says) Jim Hicks on the left. I like him. He gave me free, cool, and delicious beer. On the right, is Assistant Zymurgist Tim Schnarsii. Tim has got some passion like Mad Anthony. I like him too, he gave me free beer. I am pretty easy to please. Sorry about the poor quality of the photo, guys. I hopefully write better than I shoot pics…

What a gift to visit with these guys at EBC. There is a revolution going on and I am in! Like the upstart Americans in Revolutionary War times, these soldier/elves (I know that I have horribly-mixed metaphors here with war and Christmas and and was not sure how to save it, so I let it be), they are changing the rules of brewing warfare and are fighting harder, better, and fiercer, than the Brits Big Brewers and their Hessian henchmen for hire.

Hey, weren’t the Hessians attacked on Christmas Night? Folks, that was truly an act of God to tie this up so well like a present.