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Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant

I was in Philly for Beer Week, which was actually from June 4-13. Details, details. Probably extended to include two weekends. After leaving the car in the hotel’s parking lot, I set out on my trek, walking to Nodding Head Brewery and Restaurant.   The Nodding Head character reminded me of the figure from Bob’s Big Boy:

Switch the hand, swap the duds, modify the hair slightly, and substitute the beer and the burger, and the resemblance is uncanny. Coincidence, I think not.

I certainly was looking more for beers than burgers, and Nodding Head served them right up (drinking in progress):

When the edgy bartender brought out the brews, I was taken aback. “Egads, I really don’t want to drink this much beer.” I was due to meet with some pretty important administrative-types at Temple University in a few hours about my Ph.D. work. Drink all of this and I will be Nodding Off. Not a good thing.

At the bar was a fellow beer enthusiast from yonder parts of Pennsylvania and we decided to take Robert Fulghum’s “All I Really Needed to Know I Learned in Kindergarten” advice to Share Everything….at least your beers. My wife would say, ‘Grossity, grossity, gross.” What can I say, I like being a guy. Germs, shmerms. I was happy to see no cold sores on his lips, though.

The dude, a pharmacist by training and a major beer aficionado, was taking copious notes on the brews after tasting. Me? I felt like I was back in 9th grade Life Science class drafting my answers off the smart kid Paul. I had been savvy….when picking a partner for the school year to work with on the experiments, I went with the rocket-science student. So, it was not technically cheating. But the whole year pretty much amounted to me watching Paul do the work…a true failure in the ethos of Cooperative Learning.

This experiment though at Nodding Head this day went much better.  I did my part.

When going to a microbrewery, I always like to sit in front or close to the taps. It helps me focus:

The Best of Philly Brewpub is certainly saying something. Philadelphia is one of the great beer cities in the world. It is not Salt Lake City with all of the Mormons who eschew alcohol if they are observant to the teachings of Joseph Smith, Brigham Young, and the white salamander.   Philly likes its beer, Philly loves its beer, Philly knows its beer.

My favorite brew of the day was the 60 Shilling Scottish Ale. The N.H. website describes is as such:

60 Shilling: Lighter Scotish-Style Ale… amber in color with plenty of maltiness… reminds us all that sometime there just aren’t enough O’s in smooth.

Hmm, I may not be much of a scientist, but I am a pretty good speller. Someone at N.H. has to add another ‘T” to Scotish. Nonetheless, I am more concerned about the contents of the cup and Nodding Head gets an “A” in my book. The visit, like a trip to the nearby Franklin Institute, was both fun and educational.

I shall hopefully come through the classroom door again soon…I am eager to learn: