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Old Forge Brewing Company

Anyone who reads this 40/40 blog knows that I am passionate not only about beers and microbreweries but also what microbreweries represent: craftsmanship,  quality, and small business entrepreneurship. Buying Pennsylvania microbreweries beer keeps Pennsylvania money here in our communities. We need it…I can tell you first hand by what I have seen all over Pennsylvania.  InBev does not.

So, doing my bit in for Pa. economic revitalization, my buddy Tom and I made a foray to Old Forge Brewing Company in Danville. OFBC has a page on their website about the craftsmanship commitment they have in their brewpub.

Now that is a sign befitting the name Old Forge. Sturdy and solid…wouldn’t want that thing to come unhinged and crack me on the skull. Although if it did, I might just get free beer for life as a court settlement. A fair trade.

Craftmanship indeed!

The blueprints:

A strategic piece of the puzzle of Pennsylvania microbreweries gaining a larger share of the market is for them to win the hearts and loyalty of the 21 plus young adult consumers.

So, I was heartened when we went into Old Forge Brewing Company, there were two young men enjoying a couple of beers and snarfing down about the most delicious and fresh warm “just out of the oven” pretzels I have ever seen.

Here are the young men:

This is Matthew and Devin…not sure who is who at this point.  They both spoke of the difficulties of finding “career” type of work in Danville. Geisinger Health System is the major employer in the area. After watching them both devour their stack of pretzels, I broke down and bought one. MMMMMM….

We were trying to find a growler container for a buddy in Lancaster to fill with Old Forge Brew (Old Forge was out of growler containers). We thought that the local beer distributor might have one. He did. But, he wanted like $ 45 dollars for it…it was a Yuengling growler. We declined. Heck, that was even more than Selin’s Grove Brewery. I think he thought he had a winning bargaining position. Wrong. I am cheap. I will always prevail in price negotiations or walk away.

Inside the beer distributor, I did see a lot of microbrewery stock, especially from Pa. Some of my favorites, in fact:

This is a great tasting beer. I made a mistake down at Victory Brewing Company a little while back…I asked for a pint of St. Obnoxious. The waitress said, “St. Boisterous?” Oh yeah, that’s it.


Just won some national award. Yum.

LBC’s Milk Stout:

Actually has lactose in it (milk sugars). Another award winner.

One of the leaders of the microbrewery “school” get it? Fish? OK, not from Pa. but owner Sam C. does look and sound like Rocky.

Three buddies and I–Sammy, Dean, Peter, and Frank (me)–made a pilgrimage down to the Dogfish Brewpub back in February and stayed in the 1960’ish Oceanside Hotel in Rehoboth. Hence, the original Ocean’s 11 nicknames. It was a blast…great beers.

The grandlady of all microbreweries….Stoudt’s (a review will be posted soon)

One of my favorite places….ABC:

When a mid-sized beer distributor in Danville starts carrying an array of microbrewery cases, you know that a change is happening. Finding these beers just made my day.